Save image to elasticsearch from API

So i am trying to save a product image to elasticsearch from an API.
I do have the image in base64 encoding and but how exactly do i index it within elasticsearch given a certain path so that vuestorefront shows it?

The product itself has the image url indexed on ‘t/e/test.jpg’. But ofcourse no image is shown since the string is not encoded within elasticsearch.

i suspect it needs to be indexed under ‘vue_storefront_catalog’ but what type does it have and what data does it expect?

Or am i missing something?

The images are retrieved from the url defined in the local.json (api config). The solution is to have an image server or locally save the image and have the config set to that directory

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Correct :slight_smile: That’s the reason we included the media server in the vue-storefront-api; however as far as I know it was extremly rarery used by the users anyway