SEO friendly infinite scroll on Category pages

Hi guys,

I’m working on a VSF project, quite advanced but still on 1.10.3 version.
I’m currently dealing with a SEO issue on Category page with infinite scroll.
VSF default infinite scroll is not respecting Google SEO implementation recommendations( from SEO external team, and I agree) : (especially 2 directional support and pushState).

I’m thinking about re-implementing it using with this library or, do you have any informations, advices , insights or anything else in mind before I start ?

Thanks for your help.



That’s perfect. There were some significant changes regarding Category page in VSF 1.11 and within the Theme Capybara that will be included in VSF 1.12:

Would be awesome to accept your proposal for these top-line products, however we’re happy to accept PR to 1.10 as well as it’s still under LTS