Static generator or multitenancy

Hello everyone,
I’m thinking about adopt vsf as default storefront for a product that must scale. We prefer to deploy static sites (prerender and hydrate), have someone tried to do it with vsf or can tell me if it’s viable?

Multitenancy is another option, so just one vsf core at backend and multiple themes, it would be easy? I would also need to proxy rewriting the default URL paths, but I think it would not be a problem at all, right?

I’ve my own APIs, so I would use this integration boilerplate.

I’m not sure if this question makes much sense (I’m sorry if not :stuck_out_tongue: ), at truth I’ve not read much documentation yet.


Hi there! The URL proxy is indeed already implemented in VS 1.9.rc - please just try it out. Regarding the static pages generator. As we’re using SSR it shouldn’t be a huge problem however we don’t have such a feature implemented yet. It’ll require kind of crawler or sitemap to generate the static copy.

Regarding the multi-tenant deployments it should be possible without any issue. Please do consider our docs on multisite:

I belive it should be just a VS run with different STORE_CODE env variable set. The theme is being built in to the JS bundle during yarn build process. So You can’t switch the theme via ENV - in that case You need probably to compile and run multiple instances (the same code base still) OR just map the specific themes in the router/index.js - I mean attaching routes from different themes to different URL trees.