Stock info not updating for configurable products


Having an issue with stock not updating when selecting a configurable option.

For example, we have a ring set up as a configurable product, with the children being different ring sizes.

When we select a ring size, the SKU and price seems to update fine, however details of the stock available are not updating. We have delivery information that updates based on this stock information, and it seems to be reading from the parent, as opposed to the current child item.

Via some minimal debugging, I’ve seen that stock information is not passed as part of the onAfterFilterChanged event. Is this by design? Is it possible/advisable for me to pass stock info this way, or should stock be controlled via another method?


OK, for anyone out there who might want to do something like this, it seems the stock doesn’t update because it’s not included in the children_data, which makes sense.

To resolve this, I’ve put a watcher on the value within my SizeSelector element that fires off a quick call to products/list with the sku and updates in real time


Hi Mike, check the filterOutUnavailableVariants configuration option. When it’s on then the configurable_children.stock is getting updated from api/stock/list. Details: - tip no. 4