StoreFront as a static website in AWS S3 (serverless)

Can Storefront be set up as a static website on AWS storage S3 without spinning a server?
So I can create my own set of AWS API Gateway endpoints with AWS lambda integration to perform back-end functionality and call those endpoints from Storefront thus implementing serverless architecture in AWS cloud?

Hi @vsirghii this setup can work but without the SSR rendering and probably not out of the box. You should put the /dist folder + index.html to S3 and then provide the vue-storefront-api endpoints - hosted on EC2, Kubernetes service or as you said - kind of serverless architecture.

The only dynamic part of VS itself is core/scripts/server.js which is in charge of dynamic rendering SSR pages.

Anyway it wil lrequire you to do some manual job, and change some parts in the core I belive. It’s for sure worth trying

Hi @vsirghii, did you succeed your installation ?