Struggling with 1st setup installation

Dears All,
I’am working as front end web developer for mid-size facility and they decided to work with Vue-storefront as front end layer for they e-commerce web application.
right now i’am struggling integrating they Magento CMS with vue-storefront.
the problem is that all goes fine till initial production for development, when i’am browsing the front end for the web application every thing is ok but no products shown
when i refresh the page the products getting fetched (with no images) but disappear after 2 seconds.
attached landed page with no products image
attached same page with products when hitting refresh
attached error image from the console
attached error network request from network tape
! HELP Please.

I believe you badly configured apps.

Is URL localhost:8080/api resolvable? Do you have VSF-API enabled locally?
If yes, please provide your configs for PWA & API with hidden secret fragments

The Magento system on another server .
but as i said it fetched even data newly imported from magento but as mentioned before it shows no products found but i refresh the page it fetch the data products then disappears 2 seconds after