Support for inventory reservations from Magento 2.3

We’re currently looking at how inventory reservations could be taken into consideration in magento2-vsbridge-indexer or magento2-vsbridge-indexer-msi. Is this something you’ve started to look at in the core team as well?

Hi @andreas - no we don’t. Please feel free to analyze this feature and propose a Pull Request. It will be awesome to have it supported.

Hi @pkarw, thanks for your response! For now we’ve just built a really quick and dirty hack for it, but we’ll probably look into a more proper solution for a pull request. I’ll keep you posted!

Cool, that would be really appreciated feature I belive

Hi @andreas, I just ran into an issue with this same thing. I was wondering if you made any progress on finding a more proper solution, or if you have any suggestions/pointers/snippets you could provide to help me get a solution in place as well?

I submitted a pull request for this feature if anyone is interested in following this subject -