Text search results are not accurate

I am facing issue in search of vue storefront setup. I am using capybara theme. My problem is, when I search a word of product title then it show only a single result only adding a single letter to that word is show more then one result while the search string exist in both the products.
There are two products in my store:

  • PATHFINDER10 10W Guitar Combo
  • PATHFINDER10B 10W Bass Combo

When I search for 'pathfinder' it show only first product in search result and when I search for ‘pathfinder1’ it show both the products. However 'pathfinder' is a sub-string of both the products title.

Please anybody guide me, how can I solve this?


anybody here to guide/help??

Hello @Naveen_Kumar
Your problem is related to Elasticsearch. I recommend experimenting with queries in SearchPanel. Try a variety of configurations, search for different approaches but in the context of Elasticsearch, not VueStorefront.