To Improved performance, need to load module for specific component

Hello Guys,

I’m facing a performance issue with the vue-storefront. I checked in GTMatrix, Lighthouse report. It’s too poor. I checked EVEN your launch live sites that score also too low as compare to you show digit in your site.

I analysis and founded one reason for that is problem with loading all modules at the time of page refresh instead on component load

For, Example I want to integrate stripe payment method then that extension is enabled only at page /checkout while vue-storefront load that module even in home page also

Here is my lighthouse report score

If anyone have solution then please share with us

Thanks in advanced

Hi! Thanks for the feedback and yes - this is sth. @FilipRakowski was thinking about some time ago. Surely worth the time for the implementation.

The 1.12rc1 will be all just about it @andrzejewsky

Some of the tasks planned for 1.12 that will improve the overal LH results:

Those are the four key elements to improve the page speed. Please create another one related to the dynamic module loading as well

ps. The lighthouse reports are not 100% reliable. There was pretty broad discussion on that - including Google itself. VSF was optimized for working with cache - and Lighthouse is by default turning all caches off.

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