Upcoming modules for Pages & Blocks


I got a question. Based on this documentation: https://docs.vuestorefront.io/guide/data/static-data.html#static-data-support-in-vue-storefront

For now, we only can use static block and static pages. Do the developers from Vue Storefront are planning something so we can use the dynamic parts from PageBuilder?
Some custom M2 modules that serves Directives for Vue Storefront?


Hi Kevin, I saw we have the experimental PageBuilder support for magento2-vsbrdige-indexer however I’m not sure if anyone can providde you with any assistance/support so please feel to try it on your own; https://github.com/DivanteLtd/magento2-vsbridge-pagebuilder

Currently the core team is focused on 1.11 release and 2.0 works - so we’re not planning to add any new major features to the core in the upcoming weeks. It’s a great call to extension builders and our partners!

Ok, thanks for the reply.

I’ll discuss this with our team what we can do about this :wink: