Video about the Vue Storefront

Hello all! We’re one step away from reaching 5k stars on GitHub! It’s our mutual success and we’re proud that such a fantastic community supports the Vue Storefront!

We want to show how many great people are contributing to №1 Open Source PWA for eCommerce. That’s why we decided to make a short video, which you can be a part of :slight_smile:

How to do it?

Record a short video in which you:

  1. Introduce yourself (your name, where do you work, where are you from, etc.).
  2. You are telling why did you decide to join Vue Storefront movement (1 - 2 sentences).
  3. Say “Join us!” or “Greetings from {{your_city/country}}” in your native language.

The entire movie should have a maximum of 10-15 seconds.

If you are recording with a smartphone:

  • do it horizontally
  • use your back camera
  • make notice if your face is visible and the video is bright

We have prepared something special for the best videos. All selected authors will receive our one-of-a-kind Vue Storefront t-shirts!

Send your footage here:

We’re waiting for your videos till Monday (1st July)!

For community, from community :green_heart:

Vue Storefront team

By sending us the video you agree your personal image will be used for the Vue Storefront marketing purposes.


We’ve heard the rumors that some of you need more time with the recording. We totally understand it - it’s the middle of Summer, you deserve a proper vacation. So we decided to move the deadline to 8th July (next Monday) until the end of the day. We can’t wait for your videos!

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soooooo kind of you! :pray: