VSF Next for projects other than e-commerce - food recipes and alike

Hi, unconventional question here.
My plan is to build several websites with one Pimcore installation: a recipe site, and a product comparison site are first. Looking at VSF Next and Storefront UI I find 80% of what I’ll need. Pretty much the only things I won’t need is everything checkout, payment and shipping related.
VSF with capybara features pixel perfect

  • Home
  • Catalog with categories, grid and list views and so much more
  • Search result pages, faceted search
  • Menus
  • login, account, settings
  • wishlist
  • compare
  • footer
  • pages for terms, privacy etc.
  • Plus, a blueprint for cms/platform integrations and all the brain you put into making it customizable and reusable.

The idea is to treat recipes as products (data objects in pimcore), and add articles for the magazine part of the site (documents in Pimcore).
Before I spend too much time with this, could someone familiar with VSF give me a hint, if it makes sense to give it a try?