VSF Next + StorefrontUI + CMS Integration (w/ REST API & Webhooks)

we have 4 magazine websites that we want to decouple from their CMS, using a multisite or multi-tenant frontend. VSF Next looks like a brilliant concept and a great starter, many of the complicated decisions are made and solved.

The job is to create an MVP:

  1. create new content types (posts, pages) with headlines, hero image, body, gallery, video, etc.
  2. develop an API Client for our CMS, which has a REST API and also Webhooks for updates, I suppose by extending the useContent concept
  3. populate the frontpages, category pages, navigation, sitemaps etc. from CMS API with posts instead of products (products and recipes will follow at a later stage)
  4. modify storefrontui to match our styleguide; styles must be configurable per tenant

No login or checkout logic needed in step 1, this will follow later.
Please send me a DM here if you’re interested (and have some experience with VSF), and I’ll get back to you.