VSF with multivendor marketplace (Woo, Opencart, other)?

@pkarw is there anyway to integrate VSF for multivendor marketplace ecommerce?
such as Woo (Dokan, WCFM are two plugins), Opencart (multivendor and multistore).
We gonna choose the backend for multivendor based on the preferences of Vue Store Front.
Its a very different outside in design approach, hoping it should work.

Thanks, Martian85
(I did ask similar questions on slack, no answers yet!!)

Hi there! We don’t have the UI features for Multivendor marketplace as for now. However as far as I know many users are expecting and waiting for these features. If you’d like to contribute it will be very popular module - that’s clear :slight_smile:

thanks Piotr @pkarw! For now, we just gonna start building it. We are adding a little AI into that as well :wink: