VSF1 - Redis cache clean up on Magento 2.4 (VSBridge Module)

Hello to all,
I’m investigating how Redis cache cleaning works through the Magento 2 module: https://github.com/vuestorefront/magento2-vsbridge-indexer

Premise: I think I understand that this module should automatically clear the cache of what is updated by the reindex via tags and document Ids.

I saw that there are two versions: 1.25.2 (latest) and 2.0.1
The first version would seem to handle cache cleanup, while the second has dedicated methods but they are never called.

The problem is that the first one would not seem to be compatible with Magento 2.4.* (Even in the readme this version is not reported), so at the moment the cache cleaning is not managed on this version, correct? Can you confirm it for me?

I also found this PR: https://github.com/vuestorefront/magento2-vsbridge-indexer/pull/369

Is there any hope that it will be concluded and merged? I noticed that a change is requested to the user @tunght13488 but he seems to reply that the requested validation has been implemented. So I don’t understand if there is still something to be solved. In case there was something else I could continue the development and do a PR.

My other way would be to just manually override the classes on my project.


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