Vue-storefront get Yarn Install Error : Permission denied

Hello guys,

I don’t know why, but yarn install error on vue-storefront when build docker.
I used Centos 7, Docker v1.13.1, Docker-compose v1.24.1, Node v10.17, Yarn v1.19.1

My response when build :

docker-compose up --build
Building app
Step 1/8 : FROM node:10-alpine
—> a9097ecc380a
Step 2/8 : ENV VS_ENV prod
—> Using cache
—> 08645ee15204
Step 3/8 : WORKDIR /var/www
—> Using cache
—> 5bf16a4fa86d
Step 4/8 : COPY package.json ./
—> Using cache
—> 2f4a7a9091d4
Step 5/8 : COPY yarn.lock ./
—> Using cache
—> d8c463567cbb
Step 6/8 : RUN apk add --no-cache --virtual .build-deps ca-certificates wget git && yarn install --no-cache && apk del .build-deps
—> Using cache
—> 0f962b89202a
Step 7/8 : COPY docker/vue-storefront/ /usr/local/bin/
—> Using cache
—> 2a1ca41f97a0
Step 8/8 : CMD
—> Using cache
—> c5225549d0a0
Successfully built c5225549d0a0
Starting vue-storefront_app_1 … done
Attaching to vue-storefront_app_1
app_1 | yarn install v1.19.1
app_1 | Error: EACCES: permission denied, open '/var/www/package.json’
app_1 | at Object.openSync (fs.js:443:3)
app_1 | at Object.readFileSync (fs.js:343:35)
app_1 | at onUnexpectedError (/opt/yarn-v1.19.1/lib/cli.js:92434:106)
app_1 | at /opt/yarn-v1.19.1/lib/cli.js:92553:9
vue-storefront_app_1 exited with code 1

/var/www/ isusually owned by www-data, not you nor docker.
in this case please either change the ownership during the first run or add docker to www-data group to not have permission issues here.

I try to change owner to docker on /var/www but still have same error.
How I can fix it??