Want to know is new version (1.12.0) is deployed?

Want to know is new version (1.12.0) is deployed to know the updated features in action ? Is there any link kindly share with me like demo vuestorefront but I think its old version.

The current master version is v1.12.1
https://demo.storefrontcloud.io/ is also v1.12.1 - you can see the version number at the very bottom

thanks but where is the reset password functionality?? which is added in 1.12.0 version
i am asking for this ( Add resetPasswordUsingResetToken to magento1 platform - @cewald (#strong text415)

Well, that’s a different question, but a good question. I’ve been looking into that too, but I’m still not clear about it.
Did you try making a new account, logging out, and then changing the password?

yes but i dont find any thing different as compare to previous

I see. I guess the demo site hasn’t been set up for that feature.
I was trying to figure it out too, but it needs changes on the Magento side too, to get it working
Sorry I can’t help any more than that.
If you don’t get any answer here, you could try posting a comment on the PR that added this feature.

okay thanks for your support