Yarn install failes on vue-storefront-api

Hello guys, I don’t know why, but yarn install always fails on fresh vue-storefront-api, with an error:
“error M:\NEKLO\VSF\vue-storefront-api\node_modules\sharp: Command failed.
Exit code: 1”
You can find full log here: https://pastebin.com/Yy3QDZ28

I’ve tried installing different versions of nodejs, I have python 3.8 installed, Microsoft Visual Studio CE with C++ for desktop, but for some reason yarn always will throw me this error no matter what.

I’ve tried searching for an errors like this and still no luck after all, I just don’t know what to do.

OS is win 10 enterprise

For the future generations: install node v10, this will fix this. Guys, include this in your documentation please, it’s really hard with info “install LTS version of Node.js for Windows.” in docs to understand what is going on

Thanks for your feedback! @kkdg can you please update the docs?

Noted, this will be included into install section as well as cookbook